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About Daphne's Wedding Creations


What started out as helping brides with small portions of their weddings like, putting the centerpieces together or their favors or bouquets, turned into the ability to handle any and all aspects of the wedding day. I have always loved helping people so that their lives are better, with little to no stress. That is the last thing a happy couple needs on their wedding day is the stress of thinking about when the bakery is dropping off the cake, or when the DJ is arriving or making sure that your wedding gifts get to where they need to be when the night is over. I enjoy keeping up with the "little details" that transform your special, once in a lifetime day, into the most memorable day in your life.

I look forward to making your dreams become reality while honoring your traditions. Whether it be jumping the broom or stepping on the glass, I am here to make your day full of special memories, while bring your vision to life. We all have an idea as to what our wedding day will look like, let me bring the vision you have into a dream like reality.

  • My Values

I work hard for those I care about. When you hire me to make your wedding day special, you gain a family member. I work on your wedding as if it were my own as I truly believe the golden rule; "treat others as you would want to be treated." I technically go a step beyond that by "treating others better than I want to be treated." 

  • My Principles

I am a firm believer in servitude. It is my honor to take on any task that you need me to take on to relieve stress. I know no bounds when it comes to doing whatever it takes to make your event the best, most memorable event you have ever been a part of. I believe that your event should be stress free, and I am happy to take on the stress so you do not have to.

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